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Product Development

Phase 1

  • Curated Resource Guidance: Implement a questionnaire feature on the website to guide users to immediately relevant resources, providing tailored assistance.

  • Expansion to Chatbot Services: After establishing the website and admin panel, introduce the Wasi chatbot. The chatbot will act as an initial guide on the website, helping users navigate the platform and access resources more efficiently.

Phase 2

  • WhatsApp Integration: Extend the reach of the chatbot by integrating it with WhatsApp, making the service accessible on a platform widely used by the target audience.

  • Development of Admin Panel: Concurrent with the website, develop an admin panel for researchers and administrators.

  • Functionality: This panel is crucial for updating and maintaining the resources and ensuring the information remains current and relevant.

  • Comprehensive Repository Access: Develop a secondary view of the website to allow access to a broader repository of organizations, with search and filtering capabilities for personalized assistance. Currently, we are pulling databases from: 

    • Coalition from the Homeless​

    • New York Immigrant Coalition

Phase 3

  • Development of AI Form Assistant App: This phase involves the development of an app to assist users, especially those not fluent in English, in filling out various technical and legal forms. Implement features such as uploading a form picture, using computer vision for form recognition, and matching fields with a database containing form formats and contextual descriptions.

  • Focus on Privacy and User Experience: Ensure the app is designed with a strong focus on privacy, especially for sensitive information, encouraging users to upload forms before they are filled out. Include checks to ensure no personal data is captured or compromised.


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